Friday, July 1, 2011

Coming Soon!?

Okay, since I'm bored I'm going to post what I believe my plans are for analyses in the foreseeable future.

I'll  probably be reviewing more Hayao Miyazaki films since I have them handy and am currently going through all of them (or close to it). So yeah, expect some Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaa, and maybe some others... They are ridiculously solidly made animated films, I must admit, even if animated films are really not my thing.

As for other movies, I've been meaning to get around to watching Cronenburg's Spider pretty soon and any and all John Carpenter movies are on my radar. Also, I just found Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on DVD for really cheap and I love that film, so there's that... as well as Mall Rats, another movie I enjoyed, but yeah, ridiculously different genre, I know. And I have some older psychological horror films as well as some Cronenburg films, some noir, and two films I've wanted to berate since I started this blog: Dark City and Shutter Island. So, you can look forward to those suckers.

I do have some books I want to review and August may be the time to check back for some heavy, well-done book reviews of different series, although, yes, I will admit they may not quite be the series the hardcore psychological horror fan crowd out there will love, just saying. What it looks like now is that I want to review the Repairman Jack novels and The Adversary Cycle, both by F. Paul Wilson, and (long pause here) the Animorphs series. No, I'm not kidding. I love that series. I may... may, I say... if everybody is nice to me and doesn't make fun of me, I may do a review of the Harry Potter series book-by-book, but only if I get to speak my mind on each book... and I have a lot on my mind to say, let me tell you. That series. THAT SERIES.

Also, all of October I'm still planning on doing a review a day, which yes, nearly killed me last year what with how busy I was, but I'm hoping to have a bunch of them pre-written beforehand, which should give me a ton more time.

Anyway, expect my output to go up. I've been busy lately and it can't be helped, but soon I'm going to be ploughing through reviews, let me tell you.

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