Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Nights 2

Yup, October is nearly here again, so I will be posting 31 reviews in the 31 nights of October. Well, they'll be posted anytime during the days or nights of each day. Some may come down to the wire because of my schedule, but I've already written some of the reviews and I should be well ahead of falling behind.

Anyway, I'll be reviewing various media of horror related things, mostly movies, to be sure, but also video games, and books. Expect some Stephen King movies to be looked at as well as some of his books as well. I plan on doing a movie or more from John Carpenter, David Lynch, and David Cronenberg because they are some of my favorite directors, and if I have the inclination I may also do some of Hitchcock's more or less famous horror.

I may change these up as I go along, but I play on doing, at least, a retrospect of Fallout: New Vegas, which has some fantastically creepy DLC that I'd like to explore, as well as some of the other Silent Hill games that I didn't get to last October. Expect some psychological horror as well, with movies like Session 9 (which I think I mentioned possibly reviewing last year). Also, I plan on reviewing some of my most favorite books, movies, and video games (with the exceptions of Jacob's Ladder, 1408, Silent Hill 2, Stay, and Half-Life 2, all of which I reviewed last year).

I'm looking forward to this and have been looking forward to this since last year. I hope all of you who read my blog (I have no idea how many individuals actually read it, but there are a lot more who read it than I would have ever thought possible!) really enjoy the reviews I put out over the next month! Anyway, I'll be starting on October first, so keep your eyes open and enjoy the month of horror I'm going to give you!


  1. I like horror movies.I appreciate your strategies.I will definitely keep touch with your blog.