Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Now, this SOPA/PIPA issue has been around for a while. Obviously I'm against it because I'm about as Libertarian as a person can be, but any person with brains in their heads can see that these bills are about as wrong as anything could be. Special interest groups are pushing this. Yes, the protests certainly are fantastic today, but these issues won't just go away. One day is not going to stop all of this. Senators and Representatives just have too much power over the American people right now. They feel they have the right to impose laws on us that will push us back against a wall, taking away the rights we have had since the internet ripped itself into existence. Politicians no longer work for the people, but people are stupid. Every one of us is stupid. We rely on a broken system without having it fixed. We have to do something about this or this country will be broken irrevocably. It already is. Look at all the issues in the country right now. Look at how far we've fallen. We've become complacent unless something threatens us specifically. The problem is that every single legislation passed can be seen as problematic, taking our rights away little by little, putting our country into more and more debt by the day. How can any of you think that this is the right way to go about doing things? How can any of you think that it makes sense to work with a broken system?

I applaud the protests going on now. This is a big issue, but it isn't the only one. I don't want my rights taken away little by little until I can't even live the way I CHOOSE to live. None of you are stupid. Hell, if you are reading this, you're smart enough to understand the issues. We have a society that is breaking apart. This depression is becoming gradually worse. And yes, it's a depression, whether you believe that or not. The media doesn't want you to panic. They don't want people to believe that the times are rough (not unless it's in their own political interests), but what you need to understand is that times ARE VERY ROUGH right now. The world seems to be falling apart around us and politicians are not going to fix the problem, not unless they take their hands away from the problem. They can't help us because they have forgotten that what's best for us is to leave us alone. Why limit our freedoms? Why implement nonsensical laws? The answer is for them to control us. Obviously they want to control us. They want to work for their special interests. They want to make us little puppets, little pawns under their thumbs. Don't forget that. You think this SOPA/PIPA issue is simply going to go away? No, it won't because they feel that this is a problem that only they can do something about. Passing laws like this, limitations, regulations... it's only going to cause us to lose ourselves, lose our communities, our knowledge, our individuality.

They look at this and say it's to fight online piracy, but you don't think the company's distributing this stuff couldn't figure out a better way to fight it? I mean, come on. I'm sure there are ideas that could be happened upon in the private sector to protect all of this stuff. You don't need the government to be involved at all. Why should you? Why should our rights be sacrificed for the big corporations to keep the money they're losing to pirates? Yes, it's bad, but come on. Seriously? This is the answer? To go off and cut off the internet from its biggest strengths of free expression and community? Yes, of course it is to the government. They see us as stupid sheep... and maybe many of us are. Maybe a lot of us don't think, don't care, don't... don't want to use our minds for something more important than wasting our time, but for those of us that do think, remember that this isn't over. We have to fight this. We have to fight the politicians, telling them to screw off. We gave them their jobs, we can take them away... should take them all away, start fresh, without corruption, special interests, and the like.

But it won't happen. It won't happen because people cannot unite. We're asleep at the wheel here, only realizing that something is wrong when it MIGHT effect us adversely. What about all the bills that took freedoms away before? What about the years of not speaking up, not speaking out? We don't want to fight, as people, we simply want to live and be left to live, in freedom, in safety, and without intrusion. The problem is, in this world of tomorrow, all of those things are being compromised, little by little, until nothing is left but the ashes of a broken down populace. Look, of course I'm being melodramatic here, but how far am I hyperbolizing? Maybe not quite far enough. There has to be a unification, a bloc that can step up and show the government that we know better than they ever will. We are the people. We are the democracy, and we shouldn't be silenced, not by big corporations... not by people who claim to know more than we do. We need to make a stand and make it count.

Or we can just sit down, and complain later that we should have done something when we had the chance. We should have protested. We should have spoken up, but then we lost those freedoms, lost everything to the political machine. Or maybe we won't even notice, sitting in our chairs, not even realizing what a fantastic thing that we let ourselves lose. I've been vocal about this stuff. I hate intrusion. I hate politicians thinking they know better than me, and I hate big businesses and corporations and lobbyists thinking and knowing that they can influence decisions just because they have money and a name. It's unfair to the us that makes this country so strong every day. We are the backbone, the people ourselves, the ones who slave for jobs, slave for lives, and get thrown to the wind at every turn.

Remember this day, these protests. Don't turn away from this cause... or it will be lost. The bill will be “fixed,” and we'll lose our rights with raised hands and deadpan ayes on a floor in a building that is far removed from us.

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