Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Foretelling the Future (For the Summer)

Well, hello there.

Blah, blah, blah. Et cetera et cetera... et alius...

Wait, I was going to say something, I think. Let's see... Well, first thing I don't think I'll have another review out before May, so I kind of feel bad about that. I was going to review 12 Monkeys, but I literally have no time recently. So, after I get less busy in early May that's a review to expect. I'm also probably going to be doing a review of The Binding of Isaac. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. I also, as the picture above I hope implies, would very much like to go through my library of Silent Hill games and give second or first impressions on all of them. Silly, but I do love me some Silent Hill. I'd actually like to see if my impressions of certain games have changed, especially The Room and Silent Hill 3. I'll see.

I'd love to do a review of the second Harry Potter book as well, but heaven help me, I don't want to do that. I'll probably force myself at some point. I really want to do some other book reviews as well, mostly F. Paul Wilson books and maybe some recent Stephen King entries. Hell, I've been piecemeal writing a review of the first Dark Tower novel, and I'd love to review the whole damn series including the graphic novels. It's been killing me because I've had no time to reread them or to review them. I'm making a sad face right now. I think this is especially timely because the next Dark Tower book is coming out soon, calling itself The Wind Through the Keyhole, and I'm hella looking forward to that (I can use "hella" as a word in my sentences. That is allowed. By me.).'

As for video games besides The Binding of Isaac and Silent Hill, well... uh... I don't have many lined up. I'll probably rereview Mass Effect 3 once the DLC comes out, to see if it actually fixes anything. I'm optimistic, but not overly optimistic... not stupidly optimistic. And I'll probably give a final review of Dragon Age II, since nothing else in coming into that game. There are no games coming out soon that I'm interested in at all, except maybe Resident Evil 6 and an interesting first-person stealth game called Dishonored. Maybe Bioshock: Infinite even though I really kind of disliked Bioshock and its sequel. I don't know. That game looks interesting, just not as interesting as Dishonored looks. There's also The Last Guardian if it ever actually comes out. I'll play the hell out of that game. I loved Shadow of the Colossus and I've bee slowly going through Ico more recently. Dragon's Dogma also looks interesting, but I'll wait and see for that one.

As for movies, anything can happen. I may get a very quick review of The Cabin in the Woods up if I see it this weekend. It's always a possibility. Gotta keep up some kind of social life, you know? So, yeah... those are all things that you readers out there can and should look forward to even if my output is fairly slow normally. Sorry about that if anybody actually cares enough to have me apologize for it. College and being premed makes my life kind of busy at the moment. And that's really never going away either, kind of sadly.

Anyway, besides that, I'm done writing. I have to go to a lab wherein I deal with Nuclear Radiation because that's how I roll. That's how this reviewer gets his rocks off, playing around with radiation. I have to admit I love the radiation, rolling around in it, stuffing it up my nose and sniffing until my nose actually and literally falls off. (I'm being dryly sardonic by the way. Just to point that out. I have a strange sense of humor, and I'd rather not have people actually believing that I roll around in radiation because that's not a fun way to think at all.)

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