Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Nights 3

Well, the nights are getting darker, autumn has come to stay, and horror... horror is in the air. For the third straight year I bring you, for your reading and viewing pleasure, wonderful analyses of the creepy things of the world. Expect some terrifying movies (and movies trying very hard to be scary... or not trying at all), some horrific novels and stories, some crazy and dark video games that up the terror, and maybe a little extra... if you're lucky.

This may very well be the most exciting year yet, with some of the best and worst movies being reviewed this October. You can again expect 31 analyses in 31 nights because I am obviously a disturbed individual who should have never been let out of the hospital. BUT THEY LET ME OUT. And so I have to review. I have to give my opinions on the most horrific things I might be able to find... so let's wait and see... we will go on a wondrous journey to see some scary stuff... as well as ranting at the less than wonderful things. And eventually, we might all lose our minds... but that won't happen yet... we have to wait... we MUST wait until the 31st.

So, buckle up, boys and girls, and let's get this car on the darkest road imaginable, the road of horror, terror, and revulsion... the door to October Nights.

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