Friday, April 26, 2013


Hey! Cgeez (my girlfriend) and I did a podcast thing! FIND IT HERE. And here is the direct download link. We had a good time putting this one together, although it is a week or two old at this point. Finding the time to edit has been a witch-and-a-half, let me tell you. We have some more already recorded, mostly weird fanfictiony awful.


That sentence made no sense in any reality. We recorded ourselves reading bad fanfiction and sometimes talking about, analyzing it and whatnot. We have at least three of those that simply need to be edited. I have no timescale for when these things will come out. I'll judge it all by interest and downloads at this point. I want to do a podcast talking about Bioshock: Infinite and going into depth about Homestuck, but we'll get there later.

Anyway, give this a listen if you are interested. We talk about our apprehension about Homestuck, how good Adventure Time is, cosplay and jerks, and relationship and woman issues. (No, not those kinds of issues, weirdo.)

And yeah. We had a good time. I had less of a good time editing it, but that's something I'll need to work on. Hopefully it isn't too embarrassing. You can also see a little behind the scenes of my life and times. I'm sure you're all very excited to hear what I sound like. I know I am.

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