Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here's Something to Read 2: Return of the Words

Hey, I've finished my 31 reviews in (about) 31 days.It was quite a ride. I can't believe I actually (kind of) succeeded. So, I'm done with October, but now November is here and December is fast approaching. I'm probably going to take a week to recuperate or so and then get back to reviewing something about once a week or so... although if I see or read something awesome, I'll probably review it without too much delay.

I'm not exactly certain which stuff I might be reviewing coming up, but you can assume I'll do a more in depth review of Fallout 3 at some point for one. I had a few movies I watched or have and haven't watched yet, that I'll probably review as well. These include Ringu, The Jacket, The Night Stalker, Silent Hill, Session 9, The Changeling, The Mist, and others.

I have a few video games that I'm going to review as well (once I have the time to play them, that is). Currently Fallout: New Vegas, and Fable 3 are on my radar for reviewing.

As for other notes: in January I'm probably going to do either a Stephen King or Alfred Hitchcock month. Whichever I don't do in January I'll probably do in June. So, any ideas for reviews are always appreciated.

But so long for now and thanks for reading my 31 reviews in these October Nights!


Salem’s Lot
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 4
The Keep
Alan Wake
“Hands Resist Him” and Urban Exploring.
The Blair Witch Project
Indigo Prophecy
Event Horizon
“The Colour Out of Space”
Resident Evil 4
The Mothman Prophecies
The Evil Dead
Paranormal Activity
Slender Man
The Ruins
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
Cast a Deadly Spell
Jacob’s Ladder
The Machinist
Fallout 3
30 Days of Night
Half-Life 2
Dead End
The Ring


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