Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I have returned! And now I shall do reviews for OCTOBER! So, wait, my fellows, and see what might come out of my fingertips in terms of reviews I probably will talk about a bit.

Seriously, i can't wait for my annual thirty-one horror reviews in the thirty-one days of October. These October nights are incredibly enjoyable for me. It just so happens that I still have no time and haven't for nearly nine months. I will endeavor to make sure these reviews are finished though. These things are really important, and while the quality may suffer minorly because I might only be getting three hours of sleep a night and working thirteen hours a day, I will do my best to put out the best quality reviews and rants that I am able to put out.

What should you look forward to this year? Well, Salem's Lot (AGAIN), a very large horror movie franchise! Some very odd horror movies! Foreign horror! And maybe some books as well! I even have some video games to talk about! We're doing everything! You can't stop the reviews!

Anyway, look for the first one coming out tomorrow night. I can't wait! And I hope you can't either!

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