Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hey, no new review tonight! I thought I'd have it all set, but today is my 1 year of engagement anniversary, and to top it all off, I've been at NYCC (the New York Comic Con) for the past four days. I kind of had an idea something like this might happen, and there's no way I can crap out a review in about fifteen-twenty minutes. It's not a big deal really, just no review today. I'll try to have two out some day soon.

Sorry, everybody!


  1. Are you still engaged to the sort-of otaku? After a year, you better be considering leaving her, because the longer you hang around them, the more toxic they will become, especially if you refuse to become one of them! At this point, you might not even be safe in that case, because they think being "yandere" (obsessive stalker-type) is cute, rather than a flashing neon light indicative of serious problems with themselves or the relationship, assuming there is one. If she gets too far into it, you need to run, as fast and far as you can, it's a toxic lifestyle to be around if you're not careful (I lost a good friend to the plague). Stay safe, man, no matter what!

  2. I sincerely HOPE he's not considering leaving me! After all this time, after all our love? He couldn't! He wouldn't! I'll make sure of that...

    (All jokes aside, seriously, hello again! We're still happily engaged, and our interests mesh pleasantly. I still read manga, as does Saquarry sometimes, and we're happy. Really. But the concern is noted, and your devotion to our relationship is touching.)