Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video Game Assessment: Eversion (2010)

Eversion is a freeware video game (a video game that can be downloaded and played for free) with puzzle and platformer elements to it. It also happens to be a damn good cup of video game.

For the most part I've played a ton of platforming games in my time. Super Metroid, which I reviewed not long ago, is a platform styled game, in which the main character jumps from one floating impossible platform to another. It makes no real logical sense, but it does make for some excellent gameplay. Most of the platforming games I used to play (and still play sometimes) were for the SNES video game console. I used to love me my Donkey Kong games, or some freaking hardcore Mario action. They were fun games with a fair amount of challenge to them. One thing about the video game industry today, and one thing I'll complain about, is that most video games aren't hard. Oh, some are, and a few, like Dragon Age: Origins, and Silent Hill: Homecoming have sequences that are so difficult that they make me want to pull out my hair in frustration. I like difficulty in video games, but not difficulty that feels nearly impossible for the way I play a video game. Any video game should be able to be mastered with enough time and practice. If one can't master a game using those two solutions, then the game is needlessly difficult and should be shot out to space. Thus, I complain about the difficulty.

But as you can also see, I play a lot of video games when I have a chance, and with most video games I don't even have to mention the difficulty because I never notice it. It is a rare video game that I will die in. Sure, I die sometimes in particularly difficult sequences or if I'm being an idiot and run into a room with a billion guards or whatever, but for the most part,I can usually prevent dying by paying attention and being good at video games.

My point is, Eversion is difficult. Not mind-spinningly difficult, not so difficult that I wanted to throw my computer against a wall or anything, just tough. This is a game that you will die in and die often. Certain levels are sure-fire death pits if I had to call them anything at all.

The gameplay is fun, just like any platformer is. Really, the only thing I had a problem with was that the buttons that were originally mapped for certain movements and jumps did not work out for my fingers, so I changed them around to actually work for me. I haven't really played a ton of platformers in my recent history, so I did find the game particularly tough when I first started playing, although the difficulty did go down in subsequent playthroughs. One level in particular did remain difficult, and if you've played the game, you already know which level that is.

There are also some unique elements to this game. One is the item collection, which is very puzzle based, especially in later levels, and the other is the "Evert Button".

I'm not going to explain what the "Evert Button" does, but it is suitably awesome. It is a great mechanic. Sure, I've seen it in other video games before, but I don't think I've seen in quite done in the same way before. It really comes off as very well done.

This game is awesome. It's fun despite the difficulty. The story, although scant, is interesting, especially once the "ending" is reached. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the game. I actually had a tough time putting it down. It was really very enjoyable and I'd recommend it to casual and hardcore gamers alike. Right now I could beat the entire game in under fifteen minutes, but for a first time playthrough, I'd say it will take a few hours. The difficulty of this game is pretty astounding if you don't know what's coming.

The music is very catchy to this game as well. I need to point that out because I noticed it and it really is pretty fantastic.

Anyway, I'm going to link where to download the game, since I do think it is a game worth checking out.

As for anything else I have to say, I'm going to leave you with two last things. The first is an H. P. Lovecraft quotation and the second is a warning.

"Sounds- possibly musical- heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being."

Have fun...

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