Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book Evaluation: De Vermis Mysteriis (????) by Ludwig Prinn

I found this book at my local book-sale last winter. It was an old tome, completely in Latin, or so I thought. before I had bought it, I flipped through it quickly, noticing words and phrases that I could identify with my own knowledge of Latin. The book itself is also in German as well, and there is some English, but it is incredibly hard to read, varying from full sentences written in incredibly broken English to sentences that have no relation to the English language at all except that they use English words.

While going through this book, reading and translating, I would often find myself with unbearable headaches that would last for hours at a time. Sometimes I would black out and have incredibly vivid nightmares of necromancy and forbidden magic. It appealed to me in some horrific way. The forbidden knowledge and arcane arts seemed to call to me from beyond some vast distance, across both time and space.

Soon, I had read the whole thing, or so I thought, but the next day, while hoping to look at a certain part again, I found new words and verses written on different pages. Notes and scribbles were now written in the margins, nonsense phrases full of maddening riddles that keep digging into my very mind as the world seems to crumble down around me.

The magic is the most important thing now. I must have Ludwig's greatest memory carry on. The dimensional horrors must be shown a way in. The Great Gods must be released upon society to bring enlightenment and fiery Hell upon all who deserve it. There are paths the words tell me to take.

The sentences make more sense now. They scream at me to let the Old Ones in. They scream at me and I have no way... no way to end that powerful shock to my mind. I hear it and I express regret. It has been too long. I have read too much. The Old Gods will come, and soon... soon... existence will come to an end.

How much longer can I wait?

The drums... I can hear them all whispering to me now... They speak of the eternity I will face... the eternity I will find if I do not allow them out. Why did I have to read that book? Why did I have to let it call out to me. forbidden knowledge should have remained that way... but now the sorcery runs rampant and I alone can start or stop them... Please, I need to know what... The Mysteries of the Worm. The worm... The great worn who awaits us all.

Tired now. Weak. taxing. It taxes me and I cannot...

I only want it away. Begone and it won't.

This book is disturbing and all I want... all I need... is to have never read it... but I have... I have and that's...


  1. Where can I find this book?

  2. Some things are better left not found.

  3. True? Or fake but so realistic?

  4. Greeting's, My name is currently not important, but the fact you have a copy of the book i desire. I wish that you would contact me at my Email ~ GrimReaper-666- (at) ~ please don't mind the email address, i had it since i was young.
    I am looking Forward to your email in due time.
    but Farewell for the mean time.
    Ps.there is something that will cause hestaria to who ever will defile or damage the book. so i would recommend you don't do anything to it besides protect it & store it away

  5. :-) nice act. Its a pity that you have a copy.

  6. *hysteria anyone read Revival by Stephen King? It mentions this book and also the potestas magnum universum the secret power of the universe. its a great read

  7. I'm reading revival now that's what got me interested in de vermis mysteriis I would really like to find a copy email me at

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  8. Where can i find this book

  9. Its a fantasy tale my friends
    Lovecraftian doom world fiction
    The only copy is in your head

  10. Where can I find this book?

  11. I can't believe put of all these people only one person figured out it's a fake book for some game. You've restored what little faith I have in the human brain. Thank you