Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Website Analysis: SCP Foundation

It just came to my attention that there is an organization that seems bent on the categorization and collection of various supernatural entities and cryptids and people from around the world. In a particularly daring move by myself, I went ahead and browsed some very obviously secure databases on the creatures found within the facilities and the Foundation itself and... well, I found some incredibly disturbing and [EXPUNGED] things. I almost cannot even believe that things like         ,            ,               , and                                                           exist at all. it really blows my mind away.
The facilities contain many creatures and humans and objects of any kind of design at all that may be seen as slightly [EXPUNGED] or disturbing. I myself have always been into strange and weird things, so this is an organization I can really get behind. They seem to be doing the right stuff.

The site, found here: http://www.scp-wiki.net/main, tells of many things that are creepy and weird. I think it's a fantastic site to browse for hours at a time, mostly because very obviously everything on the website is absolutely true. There are no falsities at all. Nope. Not a one.

Don't even look at me like that. I'm very obviously telling the truth and would never lie. Not once.


Oh, man... I just want to skim down this page writing so I don't have to see its ugly blackened butt anymore... Oh jeez, it is so scary that I am literally about to let my bladder do all my talking. There is no way that that thing could not be scary. i mean look at it. Look at those scary green eyes and it's ugly mouth...

And think about it standing right behind you, staring...



                                                     ...right at your throat...
....                                                                                                      ....at the back of your head...

...into your window. At night. I...

I don't even know what to think. Can I think? Is it... Is it possible?

Do aberrations like that actually exist? Can there be such evils, such uglinesses, such awful things that exist?

can the end come so quickly, darkness permeating my very thoughts existence... existence fails me...

why... why did they have to come in the dark, their bars put up natural defenses against the light... their arms tightening, hoping to loop around some awful prey... or maybe me... can they see me? Do they? Can their eyes pierce through the darkness in which I now sit careening back and forth, a fetus in a world of naught, always hoping for the more visceral, but always knowing... always knowing that I am alone.

Don't look at me! Take those restraints away! I am not insane as I lay here in my bitter cell, glancing at the last days of a bitter autumn long since past. I am not insane, staring at those creatures as I become those creatures.



Euclid. Euclid.


Slender... slenderman?

I am not staring at the back of your head.

I am staring at your neck...


  1. Am I supposed to see some data in the report already? I can't see any performance data on reports on the multiple sites I'm tracking. Given this announcement is now several days old, I'd have expected some data by now.
    eyetracking web usability

    1. Are you from the SCP Foundation? Look, I already told them, I'm not interested! Good day!

  2. dear person. this site was good because it was nice. but until it wasnt i really didint like the part where it was bad. so there is some room for impoverishment. :)
    - Jastur Mille