Friday, October 8, 2010

Stuff Analyses: Horror Art and Urban Exploring

This is a picture of a supposedly haunted painting called "The Hands Resist Him". It was painted in 1972 by artist, Bill Stoneham of Oakland, California. I'm not going to go insane and spill out every fact or speculation about this work. If you want that go look the painting up on Wikipedia or something. I'm going to tell you what I think about this work and a few other forms of horror art that I've seen and either enjoy or find absolutely terrifying. I know in a lot of my recent reviews I've spoken of a lot of the horror and enjoyment I get from the genre of horror comes from imagery and the way things look or are described, and that's incredibly true, which is why I find horror art so fascinating and so awesome. I don't have the talent to be an artist and paint awesome stuff, but I will say that I truly wish I could have that talent. So, I'm going to show off some different works from different people and explain what I think. I'll be reviewing, in a word. Oh, here's a closer view of "The Hands Resist Him" just so you can see that this is a fairly creepy painting:
I'm guessing it all looks very creepy. When I first saw this painting I kind of freaked out a little. It reminded me of something viscerally terrifying and I wasn't comfortable with that. I've seen the painting often since that first viewing and it doesn't bother me as much as it used to, but there is still something uncomfortable about... something off or wrong or something. It just feels like it shouldn't exist... or maybe simply that it shouldn't be seen by human eyes.

Now, I'll get to some other things. That is a photograph taken by myself. Anyway, I took this awesome and creepy photograph while my girlfriend and I were urban exploring not very long ago. For those of you who might not know what urban exploring is, it's simply exploring places that are either abandoned or condemned. I'm going to write a disclaimer here and tell all of you not to do it because it could be dangerous or stupid and most of the time it's probably against the law. So, take that as you will. Anyway, urban exploring is fascinating because you get to see what a building looks like once humans aren't in it anymore and nobody is taking care of it. These old buildings are hollowed out husks ripe for animals, zombies, ghosts, and ax-murders... and probably hobos... but yeah... Anyway, while urban exploring my girlfriend and I saw many things, some creepy, some weird, and some just downright scary. That hallway above, although in black and white, was seriously very dark. We never saw or found the end of it. On the opposite side of the room (Picture this in your heads, children.) there was another long, dark hallway as well, which I'll show with my own picture again:
This hallway was incredibly dark, which is kind of hard to see since I was using my flash on my camera, but imagine all of that, but pitch black, then you can start imaging just how terrifying it can be. So, there were two of these hallways with a door in between them. Both were underground and about as dark as anything could be, and I just seriously thought that Pyramid Head was going to run up to me and start hacking at me with his great knife... It was so awesome, I can't even say how awesome it was. Also, I am going to say that my girlfriend is a much better photographer than I am (Mostly I specialize in taking videos. That's what I enjoy.) and she has some fantastic photos from our excursion up online, so I'm going to plug her webpage shamelessly, because she is crazy talented and her stuff really brings out the imagery much better than any of my own photographs ever could, and since this is a critique on art and stuff, I figure that I could say how much I enjoy her art and you could all look at it yourselves and enjoy it too.

There are plenty of other horror artists out there, but I really don't care about most of them... not that they don't do good art, but moreover that it just doesn't appeal to me anywhere near as much. I like art that has a history to it or something behind it (usually psychological and if you want more psychological art go back and look over the Pyramid Head pictures I posted or wait until I review Jacob's Ladder.


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  1. I also like to explore abandoned buildings, just with other people's girlfriends.